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Regulating automobile insurance in Alberta

Stay informed on changes and advancements in the auto insurance marketplace.

Role of the AIRB

Our approach to industry regulation

The AIRB leverages market trends and insights to advise insurance companies developing rate filings and in our decision-making process for approving, revising and denying rate requests.

For Industry

Guiding the auto insurance industry

Find resources for rate filings and review industry news, market trends and benchmarks.


Additional information about auto insurance in Alberta.


Bulletins are issued as a form of communication to the industry when immediate action or future compliance is required.

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Notices communicate information to industry and stakeholders that do not require action.

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Orders are written decisions that primarily relate to the annual adjustment of premium level for the Grid.

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How Insurance Rates Are Calculated

Learn how insurance companies determine the cost of your auto insurance policy.

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Legislation, Regulations, and Policies

Learn about the legislation, regulations, and policies governing the mandate and actions of the AIRB.

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More Resources

Find additional information about auto insurance in Alberta and stay informed about the AIRB's activities, results, and performance.

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