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Legislation, Regulations, and Policies

The Alberta Automobile Insurance Rate Board (AIRB) was established through the Insurance Act in October 2004 as an independent, quasi-judicial regulator. The AIRB is responsible for regulating automobile insurance rates in Alberta.

Learn about the legislation, regulations, and policies governing the mandate and actions of the AIRB.



Insurance Act

The Insurance Act is the legislative framework for insurance operations in Alberta.  It establishes the AIRB to regulate the automobile insurance industry.



Automobile Insurance Rate Board Fee Regulation

This regulation allows the cost of regulating automobile insurance rates to be covered by insurance companies rather than by Alberta taxpayers.


Automobile Insurance Premiums Regulation

This regulation establishes the approval process for automobile insurance rating programs, requires an annual review of automobile insurance trends and premiums relating to basic and additional coverage for private passenger vehicles (PPVs), and establishes a ‘grid’ mechanism used to determine the base premium for basic coverage for PPVs.


Fair Practices Regulation

This regulation establishes a number of consumer protection measures dealing with a variety of insurance topics, including auto insurance.


Other Insurance Regulations

See the other legislation, regulations, ministerial orders, and directives from the Minister of Finance and interprovincial agreements for insurance in Alberta.



Board Orders, Bulletins, Notices, and Guidelines

The AIRB may issue or enforce orders, bulletins, notices, and guidelines under the authority of the Automobile Insurance Premiums Regulation.


Automobile Insurance Rating Program Approvals

This policy states every insurance company licensed to write auto insurance in Alberta must file its rating program with the AIRB and obtain the prior approval of the AIRB to either establish a new rating program to enter the market or revise an existing rating program.


Review of Automobile Insurance Trends and Premiums

This policy states how the AIRB conducts a transparent review of auto insurance in accordance with the legislation.


Grid Base Premium - Basic Coverage

This policy states how the AIRB must annually review the base premiums for the Grid Rate for basic coverage and post the adjusted base premium table before October 1 for implementation on January 1 of the following calendar year.