2014 Annual Review

The AIRB conducts an annual review of auto insurance loss experience to establish industry benchmarks for basic and additional coverage for private passenger and commercial vehicles.

Private Passenger Vehicles (PPV)

The AIRB has completed its 2014 Annual Review process to analyze industry loss experience for PPV to establish industry benchmarks to assess insurance companies’ PPV rate filings for basic and additional coverage, effective October 1, 2014.

The AIRB consulted with interested stakeholders as part of its Annual Review.

The Open Meeting was held in Edmonton at Canadian Western Bank Place, 10303 Jasper Avenue, on August 19, 2014.

Open Meeting - Transcript - PPV

Audio Transcript – August 19, 2014

Open Meeting - Presentation Documents - PPV

Oliver Wyman: Preliminary ReportPresentation slides

Facility Association: Written submission – Presentation slides

Insurance Bureau of Canada: Written submissionPresentation slides

Consumer Representative: Written SubmissionPresentation slides

TD Insurance Group: Written submissionPresentation slides

Open Meeting - Written Submissions - PPV

Co-operators Group Limited: Written submission

Intact Financial Corporation: Written submission

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company: Written submission